the Roadmaster®

UK pothole repair solutions.

The number of potholes fixed on
UK roads this year and counting….

   We offer machine hire, full contract solutions and sale of reliable, cost effective and innovative road maintenance and pothole repair machinery.

The Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching machine fixes all types of road defects, including crazing, cracking, fretting and potholes and is available for hire or sale to Local Authorities and Term Maintenance Contractors across the United Kingdom.

Spray Injection Patching


The Roadmaster® delivers significantly lower cost per m² compared to both traditional and other velocity patching methods. The capacity of the Roadmaster® allows for a full day of operation – up to 7m³ per load of aggregate enabling the Operator to complete on average 280m² per load.

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Powys County Council has the largest highway network in Wales, amounting to more than 5000 kms of largely rural roads. We have worked with Archway Roadmaster® for several years now, and the Roadmaster® machines are now an essential part of our toolkit for highway maintenance, providing a viable solution to decreasing budgets and the increasing repair demand of a large rural network.

Adrian Jervis

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