Greener Safer and Quicker pothole & road defect repair and prevention

3 reasons why Local Authorities are using the Roadmaster® for Road Defect Repair and Prevention?

Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching Machines are being used across England, Scotland and Wales on a daily basis by local authorities and their partner Term Maintenance Contracts for over 20 years. The Roadmaster® is a faster, greener and safer way of maintaining and repairing road surfaces. These are lofty claims so let’s explain!

1. Greener

If Carbon (or Cost) is on your radar, consider that the Roadmaster® is designed with Carbon in mind! We have always believed that prevention is better than cure! The Roadmaster® SIP process can seal up the weak areas of the road surface without the need for excavation. Why wait till potholes form? By being pro-active, you can prevent potholes, and in doing so you are saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of road maintenance.

The reduction in Carbon footprint can be enormous. (Up to 80%) There is also a corresponding reduction in cost.
The savings arise for several reasons:

  • There is no need for excavation, so no extra machines on site – less fuel – less cost!
  • There is no waste for disposal, so no disposal costs and reduced carbon.
  • The Roadmaster® process uses a single machine, with only a single engine – less fuel – less cost – less carbon!
  • The Roadmaster® System uses computer technology to make the process more efficient – less fuel – less cost – less carbon!
  • Daily output is much higher than with traditional methods, resulting in further cost savings and carbon savings.
  • Quick hit Roadmaster® repairs reduce traffic disruption and waiting times, saving fuel, reducing carbon, and reducing stress!
  • By extending the life of an otherwise sound road using a cost effective and proven system, you can deploy scarce resources more efficiently, again saving money and reducing carbon.
  • And finally: by fixing next year’s pothole before it develops, you see a cumulative reduction in the pothole count – huge potential for further cost savings and carbon savings!

If you wish to push the carbon agenda further, you can use HVO to fuel the Roadmaster®, and reduce your carbon footprint even further.

2. Safer

No worker needs to be on the road! Everything is controlled from the comfort and safety of the Roadmaster® cab. This means no one is exposed to dust, traffic fumes or other hazards. The Roadmaster® removes many risks associated with general road maintenance such as hand arm vibration, repetitive strain injury and general manual handling injuries as the machine does the work for the Operator.

3. Quicker

Quick hit repair: The Roadmaster® can repair a defect in minutes, with minimal disruption to traffic. This reduces the repair time and the extent of traffic management measures needed, all of which results in safer outcomes for motorists and Operators.The quality of the repairs and the prevention of future damage to the roads, again offers exponential gains in terms of road safety for motorists and other road users.

If potholes and other roads defects are causing you headaches, direct message us or come and chat with us this summer at the LGA conference 26 to 28th June in Harrogate or the LCRig Innovation Festival on the 6t and 7th July to find out how a Roadmaster® in your fleet this season can reduce pothole caused complaints in your local constituency throughout the year!