Archway Roadmaster UK’s Expansion in Scunthorpe brings the service and support closer to the customer


Despite the challenges 2021 brought, it was a year of continued expansion for Archway Roadmaster and clear wins for the customer. The company ended the year on high note, with continued investment and expansion in fleet and facilities across the UK. In the last quarter of 2020 Archway Roadmaster UK moved quietly into their new premises in Scunthorpe. A warehouse facility of 9000 Sq. feet. This new UK base was envisaged as a place from where the company would continue to grow. What was not as easily anticipated was the additional benefits having a local base offers to our customers, local authorities, and term maintenance contractors across Britain.

Mac Dragon, Technical Manager with Milestone Infrastructure tells us The arrival of the local team in Scunthorpe has brought improvements in service delivery for Milestone and our customers. The responsiveness of the Archway Roadmaster team in fixing reported issues is essential for us. It ensures Milestone can continue meeting the needs of its customers. Milestone is dedicated to delivering the best service using quality equipment and driving innovations. We welcome the continuous improvement of our Milestone Dragon Patching process working together with the Archway Roadmaster team.”

Driving a great customer experience through local knowledge

Moving support services to the Scunthorpe facility has allowed Archway Roadmaster UK increase its workforce to over 30 staff. There are 6 permanent staff based at the facility and an impressive fleet of 19 Operators across the UK. At the helm of the workshop and fleet is Mark Chell. Mark has over 15 years local industry experience. He has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and has navigated the Roadmasters learning curve quickly. The informal knowledge that the local team have brought to the business has reaped huge rewards for the customer.

Mark is proud of the relationships with customers, that his team have strengthened and built. He tells us there are “tangible benefits to being based here. There are cost savings on parts and supplies for example, but the real benefit is in the informal conversations that are happening. When something needs to be addressed, before it is a problem, we can do that. We are closer to the customer, we are closer to supplier. We can source better value prices and pass that on. We can problem solve before it becomes a problem. The team is based here, and we work together to get things right for our customer.”

A Commitment to Customer Partnership

The growth and success of Archway Roadmaster UK is not surprising when you consider the level of experience that the company has to offer. Matt Walker a well-known and respected industry personality was appointed MD in 2021. He has a career that spans over two decades, the majority of which have been spent working with Roadmasters. Matt has been a member of the RSTA’s Executive Committee for several years and has been involved with working groups for the RSTA that have produced Industry guidance for the use of Spray Injection Patching, including the current ADEPT Code of Practice and British Standard.

Before his promotion Matt was Sales Director at Archway Roadmaster UK. This commitment to customer service and support remains evident. Daily meetings between the sales team and the Scunthorpe team have created an ethos of customer service. Archway customer Mac Dragon tells us “It is great to see Archway Roadmaster UK continually pushing forward. They have employed more fitters, who are polite, easy-going and it’s obvious that they go into the job leading with their hearts. I’ve been told the fitters have a curiosity to solve problems. That ethos is important to the team at Milestone”.

Centralised Distrbiution

The Scunthorpe facility acts as a centralised distribution centre for authentic Roadmaster spare parts. Parts and spares can be dispatched from the Scunthorpe distribution centre by return. The entire system is very self-sufficient. Everything is there and there is great control on it; it makes for a seamless customer experience with improved lead times. This ensures that customers like Milestone can keep their Spray Injection Patching (SIP) fleet at optimum levels. “Archway Roadmaster has moved all their stock onto one site, which was a good move. It means all parts can be managed centrally. We have been able maximise the efficient delivery of our work programmes with quick, easier access to the essential parts to get us back on the road.” Mac Dragon, Milestone

Carbon Footprint Reduction

As the entire fleet Roadmasters are now UK based, operated, and serviced. It is no longer necessary for the Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching Machines to return to their manufacturer in Ireland for servicing. There is a team of highly skilled technicians and fitters based in Scunthorpe looking after the national fleet. This measure alone has created huge carbon footprint savings and is helping Archway Roadmaster UK, and its customers work towards their net zero goals.

The UK experience a template, for Archways future growth

The Archway Roadmaster UK business retains its strong links with their sister company based in Ireland. The UK team have unrestricted access to the knowledge and skills of the founder, inventors, engineers, and technicians. The conversation is two way and has benefits for both businesses, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues as they arise. The feedback and experience gained through operating a hire fleet provides the platform for continuous improvement which is reflected in the enhancements of the latest generation of Roadmasters. This iteration comes directly from both businesses working together and listening to the feedback of local authorities, term maintenance contractors across both countries. The success and self-sufficiency of the UK business has provided a template for growth and ambition, with Archway Products Ltd now expanding into mainland Europe.