Adding a Roadmaster to your Fleet

Asset Managers, Engineers and Term Maintenance Contractor’s across the United Kingdom have been impressed with the effectiveness of the Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching Machine. It can easily maintain miles of road networks in difficult to reach areas, with minimum disruption to the smooth functioning of the road network. 

There are three ways to include a Roadmaster in your fleet! We offer a contract option where the Roadmaster team will come to you complete with our without raw materials (wet or dry hire) to complete the road repairs for you over a specified period of time, from as little as one weeks work. This is a great option when you need to get the job done, and want to maximise the productivity of your own team at work in other essential areas. Opting for the contract works option means the Roadmaster team will look after all details of the works, providing you with full and clear reporting of repairs completed on a daily basis.

Our Machine Leasing option enables your own team to use a hired Roadmaster to tackle your repair programme,and don’t forget we offer full training for Operators up to NVQ level enabling you to invest in your teams personal development while maximising their effectiveness.

The third option, is to invest in your own Roadmaster. Working with our sister company Archway Products we can design and build a Roadmaster which is customised to fit your road repair needs.