Roadmaster® Repairs Reduce Pothole Complaints in Local Constituencies throughout the year!

On an average day this summer Roadmasters will repair approximately 500 road defects throughout England Scotland & Wales. In one day a single Roadmaster® machine can repair up to 400M2 but that’s only part of the story! While the Roadmaster® repairs potholes and other road defects today, it can also prevent new defects forming this summer. Crazing, cracking, fretting, potholes, and edge break which would have become serious headaches for motorists, highways departments and local representatives in the coming year. These can all be tackled with the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching Machine. Roadmaster® works the year round, an easy win for motorists and Council budgets. Roadmaster repairs reduces pothole complaints in local consitituencies throughout the year!

The busy season on our roads make speed of pothole repair more important than ever

The longer drier days are ideal for Spray Injection Patching. With increased holiday traffic and additional HGV’s such as farm machinery active on our roads in the summer months, it is more important than ever to ensure that repairs are made as quickly, safely, and greenly as possible. The Roadmaster® can provide fast, responsive emergency repairs. It is fast and safe solution during the busy season. The finish is clean, there is no sloppy residue. It is quick, preventing long traffic delays. There are minimal safety risks as there is nobody exposed to live carriageways; the entire process is completed from the comfort and safety of the Roadmasters air-conditioned cab. The Roadmaster® simply provides efficient repairs that will last, allowing you to deal with summer traffic and motorists to get safely on with their holidays and business.
The Roadmaster® is a great preventive maintenance tool. Our customers constantly use the machine to preform preventative maintenance. After the winter, they examine the roads surface, identifying any areas that may give problems during the coming season. The Roadmaster® is then deployed to seal the road before they become dangerous potholes. It will build edges, fix cracking and crazing and seal water ingress before these potential defects become an issue for motorists. It is a cost-effective way of preventing rain and frost damage. In this way the Roadmaster® can extend the lifespan of the road. An easy win for the motorist and the council’s budget.

Want to find out more about Roadmaster® road defect solutions?

If potholes and other roads issues are causing you headaches, come and talk to us this summer at the LGA conference 26 to 28th June  or at the LCRIG Innovation Festival on the 6 and 7th July in Newark to find out how a Roadmaster® in your fleet this season can reduce pothole caused complaints in your local constituency throughout the year!