Roadmaster embraces the challenges of our new world!

The reality of the highways industry has changed significantly since COVID-19 arrived on our shores. Every industry has been affected, some being forced to shut down completely, others having to undergo a paradigm shift, translating their traditional business functions to virtual channels. The team at Archway Roadmaster are proud of how they have risen to face these challenges.

The one person operation of the Roadmaster has significantly aided Archway Roadmaster’s ability to maintain essential road maintenance services for our customers in local authorities. The peace of mind of knowing that the Operator is safe and secure in the air-conditioned cab of their Spray Injection Patching machine, with no exposure to COVID-19 or other road hazards enabled us to safely and efficiently continue to help our clients undertake essential maintenance.

The Centaur Lite Data Capture feature, which is in-built in all Roadmasters, has proved to be another tool that has become even more valuable to the customer during the pandemic. The ability to access repair data in real time with supporting images has provided information which empowers Engineer’s to manage their projects effectively from a distance.

Even the sales function has had to pivot and adapt, moving from traditional sales calls to online telephone and video conferencing. Archway proudly hosted their first online demo last Friday! The interest was significant, with many new faces finding their way to meet with us online. The team was   delighted to have the opportunity to introduce people to the pothole solving solution that is the Roadmaster. The next “Ask us Anything” online demo is scheduled for Friday. 26th June at 11am. For more information or to register click