Run your own Roadmaster® for complete control on road repair & maintenance budgets

The pressure on local authorities to keep road networks safe and in good condition is, like potholes a year-round problem. Motorists and road defects won’t wait for repair. It is a constant headache for those tasked with keeping our roads in good working order. Adding a Roadmaster® to your fleet,  is a proactive, cost and carbon efficient answer to this problem and what’s more it works year-round.

Maximise your teams productivity

Owning a Roadmaster® allows you to utilise your current staff, without adding an additional cost to your roads spend. It not only enables you to preform repair works, but also to proactively work on preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing complaints from road users.

Running your own Spray Injection Patching machine with Archway Roadmaster® allows you to invest in developing your team. Archway can provide specialised Operator level training up to NVQ level. As with all Archway Roadmaster® services you will be given full support and dedicated OEM servicing for your Roadmaster®.  This includes 24-hour spare parts distribution form our Scunthorpe distruibution centre.

Stretch Your Roads Budget

Roads budgets are being stretched further than ever and it is essential that we use every tool in our arsenal to maximise how far the budget can go. The addition of a Roadmaster eliminates the auxiliary costs; accommodation, travel and subsistence that are incurred when working with a contractor.

Extend Your Road Repair Season

The single person operated Roadmaster® repairs up to 280M² every day. Our winter kit extends the season, allowing you to work into winter. It is a resource that is there for you when you need it. You can be proactive without having to wait for your contractor to have availability. Proactively preventing the pothole problem, positively corresponds to preventing pothole complaints and increasing the reach of your budget.

What options Archway Roadmaster® Offer for self-delivery?

Archway Roadmaster® offer long and short term contract hire options to partners across Great Britain. Both options offer fully maintained machines for the duration of the hire.

Full training is offered to your trainee operator, to ensure that our Roadmaster® operation starts with the right foundation of knowledge and skills. There are multiple training modules available that can lead up to an NVQ level qualification..

What Support Can Archway Roadmaster® Offer Your Operation?

Whether it is Operator training, fleet support, materials selection & supply or Operational support; we will be there to support your operation. We have over 20 years of contracting experience with the spray injection patching process. We have used this experience to develop not only the Roadmaster® machine, but our Operating practices and procedures which we will share with our valued machine hire partners.

For more information on how running your own Roadmaster® might enable you to take control of your potholes fill in the contact us form below!

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Benefits of running your own Roadmaster