RoadMaster® Contract Works

Roadmaster® offers a comprehensive contract hire service to suit your needs. Choosing from either a daily rate or volume output rate, we work with our clients to deliver the safest and most cost effective solution for defect repair and pre-surface dressing repair on the market.

A single Roadmaster® can repair hundreds of square meters of road defects in a single day. Our patented technology ensures a smooth, even repair with an aesthetically pleasing finish that can be trafficked almost immediately. With machine sizes including 3.5M3, 5 M3 and 7Mcapacities, we have the solution to suit urban and rural environments. All our machines are calibrated periodically to ensure that each repair is consistent and long lasting. Our fibre technology helps to increase the tensile strength of the repair and is especially effective in high stress areas.

We also provide real-time data capture of all vehicle telemetry that can be processed and integrated with third-party asset management systems. By using this information, the client can easily calculate the cost saving that can be achieved by using the Road Master process.

Our highly experienced and skilled operators carry all relevant NVQ qualifications including CSCS and StreetWorks and are trained in all aspects of the use and the machine and the associated process of Spray Injection Patching.

As fully subscribed members of the RSTA, Archway Roadmaster® are committed to the development of the process of SIP and are actively contribute to codes of practice and ISO standards. Furthermore, with NHSS13 certification, Archway Roadmaster® are committed to providing a safe, green and cost effective solution to your requirements.

The Benefits of Contract Works

Skilled Roadmaster® Operators at your service

Our team of skilled Operators will arrive to work for you. These Operator’s are highly experienced and boast a knowledge of road repair expertise that is second to none. From the minute the arrive on site for you, they will work indpendently while keeping you up to date on their progress renewing your roads.

ROADMASTER® repairs last significantly longer than traditional repair methods

We have been building Roadmaster® Spray Injection Machines for over 30 year and we are experts in Spray Injection Patching. Simply put, our repairs last longer, can be completed quicker, and are more cost effective than traditional methods. The Roadmaster® can tackle all types of road defects, crazing, cracking, fretting, edge repair and is suitable for use around metal work. Our contract hire service offers all these benefits to you while allowing you to put your valuable and limited to team to work in other essential areas, maximising your productivity.

Real Time Data Capture and Repair analysis to your desk

Centaur Lite Data Capture enables you to manage the progress of your road repair job from the comfort of your desk. You will know how many road defects have been repaired, the quantities of raw materials used and be supplied with daily before and after photographs with documentation of safety proceedures followed.

Enquire about Roadmaster® Contract Works

Drop us a line to enquire about Archway Roadmaster Contract Works on your network! Let us take the headache out of your pothole repairs!

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