RoadMaster Machine Leasing

This service is designed to provide customers with high quality support as Archway Roadmaster® provide their turnkey solution to the supply and maintenance requirements for the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher. With just one regular monthly payment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Roadmaster® Spray injection Patching Machine Lease includes

Maintenance on the vehicle and the equipment over the period of the Lease
  • Maintenance of the Volvo chassis/cab in full accordance with the Volvo 5-Year Gold Service Contract and Warranty.
  • Roadmaster service of equipment every 8-week, as per the Roadmaster® Service Schedule.
Annual workshop service at our dedicated service facility

This service ensures that every aspect of maintenance is covered and yet the package offered remains extremely affordable. You can therefore enjoy real peace of mind, knowing that all repair maintenance breakdowns, call outs and annual DOE road-worthiness tests will be taken care of by the manufacturer. It really is a perfect solution: to acquire the latest technology in road repair with the perfect maintenance package – one that could save you a fortune. 

Dedicated sales and Support contacts

The Roadmaster® service is personal. We work always work in partnership with our customers. To ensure high levels of client satisfaction we ensure every leased machine has a dedicated sales contact and along with our Freshdesk support portal, a dedicated support manager who will be available to help you throughout the duration of your machine lease.

Find out more about Roadmaster® Machine Leasing

Available for short and long term leases, a Roadmaster® will be such a positive addition to your road maintenance fleet. Leave us your details and our team will contact you to tell you more!

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