The Roadmaster® completes the average repair in just a couple of minutes and enables a single operator to carry our hundreds of meters of patching in a single shift.


Prevention of injuries to road workers is always at the top of every highways engineer’s priority list when planning and carrying out work, as our industry is considered to be one of the highest risk employment categories globally..


There is no requirement to excavate the existing road surface when carrying out SIP and new material is only mixed at the point of application so there is zero waste. 

What is Spray Injection Patching? The Process

Spray Injection Patching is a process that allows road defects such as potholes, cracking and crazing to be fixed by a machine. Unique to the Roadmaster the advanced technology allows the entire process to be computer calibrated and operated from once touch system.  Reducing significantly labour costs, risks to the operator and road users and maximising productivity.

Step 1

Dust and Debris are removed using the high volume blower.

Step 2

A bitumen emulsion tack coat is applied to the repair area.

Step 3

High velocity application of bitumen and aggregrate into repair.

Step 4

Surface area is now dressed and squared off.

Step 5

Distribution of dry aggregrate.

Step 6

The repaired road is ready to be driven on.

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