Archway Roadmaster® offers bespoke machine build and sales to councils and term maintenance contractors across the United Kingdom. The majority of our customers that invest in their own Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching machine do so after working with the Roadmaster® on a contract or hire basis. The decision to invest a direct result of being impressed with the quality and longevity of repairs undertaken by the Roadmaster® and a realisation, that a Roadmaster® in your road maintenance fleet is a real addition to your arsenal .

There are three models of Roadmaster® available to purchase, each of which can be customised and tailored to fit your exact requirements. The Roadmaser® 95 3M³ is perfect for rural roads, where space is at a premium, or the 295 has a huge capacity with up to 7M³ raw materials storage, allowing this machine to work away from the depot without refueling for long periods of time. The Roadmaster® 195 is a mid sized machine 5M³, that is versatile and works with ease and great productivity levels across a variety of road types, rural or urban. 

Each Roadmaster® we sell is supported by the Roadmaster® team, offering a full contingent of specialised servicing, Operator training and ongoing technical support. The return on investment on a Roadmaster® is significant, it is not unusual to see a well maintained Roadmaster® still actively renewing roads 20 years on from it’s date of manufacture!