Health and Safety is the Star of the Show for Archway’s Roadmaster’s Start Up Week 2022

To kick off the new season, Archway Roadmaster hosted its annual Start Up Week. Health and safety was the star of the show with a keen focus placed on empowering and training our 30+ strong workforce. Hosting the event for the first time at our new facility in Scunthorpe, the week-long itinerary included workshops on health and safety, customer service, and upskilling in machine maintenance, carbon reduction, and problem solving.


Health and safety is the number one priority at Archway Roadmaster.

We start every meeting all year round with a health and safety briefing. Our Start Up Week is no different, it kicks off with a health and safety induction. Not only are our Roadmaster® machines ISO:9001 accredited, we work to ensure our Operators are trained to keep safe whilst in the field. Thanks to the innovative design of the Roadmaster®, the task of renewing the UK’s roads can be completed without the Operator needing to leave the cab. This eliminates exposure to traffic hazards, poor weather conditions, or pollutants like dust, fumes, and bitumen. Start Up Week also provides the perfect occasion to extend a warm welcome to new team members, hosting induction sessions and offering an introduction to Archway Roadmaster. A huge benefit of Start Up Week is knowledge sharing between the team, which is made up of various roles, levels of seniority and a wealth of combined experience.


Roadmasters®  Operators work independely to maintain the UK roads.

The nature of our one-man operated Roadmaster® machines means our Operators work independently for a large portion of their role. Events like our startup week help foster camaraderie amongst the team, with many of our long-standing Operators taking the opportunity to share their experiences on the road with new starters. Having an informal network to turn to for advice and support when starting out in the field is invaluable for new team members.With the week focusing on empowering our skilled Operators, training sessions covered a range of topics with Roadmaster® inventor, Liam McNamee, on hand to answer technical questions.


The value of Data Roadmasters® Centaur Lite data capture.

The Start Up Week 2022 cohort was joined by colleagues from sister company Archway Products Ltd, with specialist training provided on the handheld data capture system Centaur Lite. Our Operators were shown how easy it is to use the tablet-controlled system, as well as how useful and impressive real time data on our Roadmaster® productivity is for our customers, councils and Travel Management Companies. UK Manging Director, Matt Walker also joined the meetings, championing a supportive knowledge sharing environment for his team.

With the team trained and motivated for the upcoming season, we’re looking forward to seeing our Roadmaster® machines out in the community. Have a question? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us below:

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